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#BingeingBentley The Revelation

An excellent debut novel from Bentley Little. I’m making it a point to reread the entire catalog of Little books, starting from the first published to the most recent.

This book has a lot of fun qualities in a horror book. The good vs evil cliche is here, but it’s well done. The characters are not awesome, but they’re written just well enough to care, and the dialogue feels natural. I really enjoyed the small town Arizona setting. This book feels like a relic of its time, but in a good way. A lot of disturbing imagery in here. I cringed a few times but I had a blast with this one. Fan's of the author who haven't checked this one out yet will find it rather tame in comparison to his later books, and the debauchery he would become known for. By no means does that make this a lesser book, it's still a damn fine read, and one well worth picking up, even in 2022.

If you are interested in my chronological read of Bentley Little's available titles, you can head here for more #BingeingBentley

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