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Book Review: Amalgam Book One by Mike Duke

I discovered Mike Duke recently due to a shoutout he received on "the written in red podcast". The book in question, Contact. After hearing about the book I looked up the cover, and said to myself "yeah, that's going on my book shelf."

I read this book with high hopes. The back cover copy reads like the exact book that i've been searching for for years. Plenty of space horror floating around out there reads more like space thriller. I'm sure there are some great space horror books out there, but I've been having trouble finding them. Enter Mike Duke, who has written the book that I always wanted, and wished that I had written.

The book is a nonstop action ride. Duke writes excellent action pieces, and the prose in between the action sets is more than enough to satisfy the reader who needs story to go along with that action. The creature here is excellent, and is absolutely horrific. The world needs more of this.

If you're looking for space horror, that leans into horror and not psychological thriller, this is it. This is exactly what you want. Buy this book.

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