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Book Review: Awakened in Blood by Daniel J. Volpe

Awakened in blood, the second book I’ve read from the author, and unless im mistaken, the second book written by the author, is a great example of how you sidestep a sophomore slump.

I really enjoyed the setup here, it is nothing too complex, but the trope is executed perfectly.

Volpe nails characterization in this book. All of the couples feel like real people with real problems. There are characters you hate, and characters you love. Just enough on both ends to feel it when the action gets going, and boy does it get going. There is a lot of sex here too. The violence and sex are graphic, without feeling like smut or cheap gore.

By the time I had finished the book, I wanted to know more, but was also satisfied. I feel like it was left in a place where the book could either be a stand alone, but there is also room for more, as a prequel, a side story, or a sequel. Regardless, it felt like there was more left to tell, without feeling like Volpe cheated the reader out of necessary information.

Readers of Billy Silver are sure to enjoy this one. I liked Billy Silver, but I feel like awakened in blood is a natural evolution of Volpe as a writer, and thought the book was even better than his debut. Fans of extreme horror should check this one out for sure

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