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Book Review: Ghostland Infinite

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

At long last, the final installment of Duncan Ralston’s Magnum Opus is upon us. I remember a few years ago stumbling across the cover of Ghostland. I hadn’t read anything by Duncan Ralston, but the cover was an absolute eye catcher so I immediately pre-ordered the book. I devoured it and have pre-ordered everything Ralston has written since, including 2020’s Ghostland 2.0 “afterlife”

Again, the cover is a dazzler. So congrats to Ralston for once again showing up with a cover of the year. But how is the book? It’s great. It is the culmination of everything that’s come before it. As the third book in a trilogy, it builds off of everything that has come before, and continues the path of excellence before it. Personally, I think one of the biggest strengths of this trilogy is that each entry feels completely different than the one before it. It doesn’t feel like you’re reading more of the same, which is much to the series benefit because these books are long, especially for the indie horror scene.

The stakes here are at their absolute highest and the whole read is tense. Rex Garrote is not playing games. While you could read Ghostland and find a fully contained story, it is impossible to read infinite without reading the preceding two entries. There are many returning characters, and while Ghostland has an ending, afterlife and infinite both up the ante and build upon the entries before them. Catching up with GRP2, Ben, Lillian, hedgewood felt comfortable, although I must admit that despite having read both entries I could have used a bit of a refresher.

As far as the writing goes, it’s Ralston at the top of his game. I tend to not really enjoy books that exceed 350 or so pages, but the author does a great job keeping the reader engaged throughout, sprinkling humor and death in the narrative.

Ghostland: Infinite is a massive undertaking. Each book is a tome, each book ups the scale and the ante. It would have been easy to botch these books, especially books two and 3, but somehow Ralston manages juggling all of the moving parts in the series and deliver an exceptional finale. Those who’ve been here from day one have been rewarded, the rest of you might as well pickup book 1 and get started

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