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Book Review: Modern Hysteria by Aron Beauregard

Aron Beauregard is an author of whom I was aware of, even had one of his books on my shelf, but had not gotten around to reading just yet. I saw online he was bundles of his new book, Modern Hysteria and decided on a whim to buy it and support a local author. Believe me when I tell you, I feel like a fool for not having read Beauregard sooner. This book is truly something special. I have only waited to purchase more of his books after reading this because as I am typing this review, the author is preparing to launch an online store tomorrow, and I would like to support the author without the middleman of a retailer if possible.

One has to look no further than the back cover copy to realize this is going to be a dark, messed up affair. I imagine that this is something the author's fans are already familiar with, but just in case this book is your intro to the author, there is your warning. This book is brutal, it is violent, there are scenes that left me squirming in my chair. It is also very dark. Parents and people sensitive to anything involving children are going to definitely have a tough time reading this.

That being said, it all works because the characters here are real people. They aren't paper cut outs, or one dimensional. They have motivations and feelings. Hell, even the scumbag antagonist you could see being a real person. A sick person, but someone who in all likelihood, probably does exist somewhere in this world. This is a story that could very well be on the front page of a newspaper. This is a fiction book, but had I read this and been told it was a true story, well, I could see that.

Once the book hits it's stride, Beauregard never really lets up. The last few chapters left me shocked. I didn't see them coming.

If you're a splatterpunk/extreme horror fan, this book is a necessity. If it is not your cup of tea, give it a try. This book is steeped in a fiction that could very well be a reality, and that will be tough for some to stomach. That being said, this might be my favorite book I've read all year, and certainly rests among my bookshelves as an all time favorite. When you talk about the extreme side of horror, I think years from now this book is going to be seen as one of the important ones.

5 Bloody, Disgusting Stars

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