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Book Review: Wedding Day Massacre by Aron Beauregard

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I recently finished Modern Hysteria, by Aron Beauregard, which was phenomenal and you should buy it. I gave myself a few days of a reset before starting this, and I'm satisfied to say that this is another homerun for the author. That is two hits in a row, and so now I begin the task of buying every book he has written, starting in publication order.

Wedding Day Massacre is an extreme horror must own. It is absolutely brutal. It is violent, it is disgusting. The action picks up early on and Beauregard never lets his foot off the gas. The entire book is a lesson in the acceleration of depravity, whisking you from one nightmarish scenario to the next, never really stopping to let you breathe. But you will breath, don't worry about that. There will be a few parts in here you will need stop to catch your breath, but you will find yourself quickly diving back in.

The premise here is genius, and the author manages to pull it off seamlessly. Mixed in with the depravity is an underlying humorous tone, and there were multiple times that I found myself laughing out loud. Protein Shakes, that is all I will say. I died laughing, but at least I didn't have to eat the cake.

What are you waiting for? Buy this book, it's bonkers in the best kind of way. The author has signed copies on his website!

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