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Halo Infinite: 24 Hours Later

It was the worst kept secret. Insiders and random heroes alike were lighting social media on fire with reports of the Free to play multiplayer component of Halo Infinite launched almost a month earlier than previously announced. Internet sleuths did some digging and discovered servers now up and running, backend data pointing to season one starting on November 15- The 20th anniversary of the launch of Xbox.

A Birthday Bonanza

The event featured a lot of reminiscing. Company speak and consumer memories of the past. Xbox had pioneered the online space in modern console gaming. Sure, others had tried, but Microsoft made broadband mandatory, and brought online gaming to the next level the following generation with the 360. The Xbox one fizzled out, and series X has shown a lot of promise and hope for the future. Halo is shown, but it’s Nothing more than a paramount + show

But Wait

That’s not all. Up next comes the trailer for season one of infinite, followed by-you guessed it- the ability to download it and play. NOW.

The Future. Today.

Halo infinite is here. The multiplayer is phenomal. I’ve played about 6 hours since release and the gameplay is there. It plays like a cross between Halo 5 and Halo 3, at least in my opinion. The movement is good, sprint is there but doesn’t feel out of place. ADS is there but not necessary. Pickups are there, map control is there. HALO is HERE. But it’s not all roses. For me, three things stick out that need to be addressed.

  1. Modes like slayer currently are in grab bag playlists, there is no way to matchmake a slayer playlist exclusively.

  2. The battle pass is among the worst I’ve ever played. Look, I get it. It’s free to play, they need to make money. I have no problem with a battle pass. My problem is with the grind. Currently, you primarily earn XP through daily and weekly challenges. The daily challenges offer a laughable amount of XP. The weekly challenges force players to play in a certain manner, rather than earn XP through natural play. After 6 hours, I gained ONE LEVEL of battle pass Experience. As someone who has achieved the highest level of BP in games such as valorant, that time sink is inexcusable. When I play a f2p game I’ll gladly give you money, but don’t make regret it.

  3. Crossplay. I understand crossplay is a feature that people beg for in games. It keeps the community larger and running longer. But let’s Not pretend that a console player isn’t automatically disadvantaged against a mouse and keyboard pc player. In ranked, you MUST have crossplay enabled. Ranked is the one time I want crossplay the LEAST when playing.

A worthy Entry

We’re 24 hours in. A lot can change, and with a GAAS model, Halo Infinite will evolve over time. Let’s hope that 343 listens to the fans. They have an excellent product with limitless potential if they can balance a few things that need fixin’

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