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House of Ashes-PS5

The Dark Pictures Anthology returns, this time with House Of Ashes. Fans of the series know what to expect already, and will find a series which finally seems to have hit it's stride. Those who held off my find something more desirable.

House of ashes leans into an action-horror military setting, and in doing so elevates this entry to a high point in the series, placing it just below Until Dawn in the developers overall catalog of titles.

I played house of ashes on ps5 and although I greatly enjoyed my time with it, it’s not without its hiccups. There seems to be more watching than playing (in comparison to previous entries in the series.) another noteworthy point, the engine is starting to show its kinks. Even in a performance mode, it doesn’t run very well. Aside from that, the characters are likable, the story was entertaining and the end sequence is the most intense the series has ever been.

horror fans should definitely pick this one up, it’s well worth the price of admissio.

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