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Hunger for Death: Book Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

New England Native Joshua Marsella returns with a collection of shorts, his third release following scratches, and its prequel, Severed.

I've gotta say, I enjoyed this one. Single Author collections can be really hit or miss for me, especially lately, I've been feeling burnt out on short stories in general. My reservations of a short story collection turned out to be for nothing, because Josh has proved that Maine has yet ANOTHER horror writer to keep on your radar. This collection contains some really great stories of varying lengths, and despite clocking in at just under 200 pages, I finished it in one day.

some of my favorites stories in here are Polybus, Coma Toast, Sacrifice, Unholy Communion, and there wasn't anything in here that I DIDN'T like, another plus for me considering most collections have a couple misses in them.

I'm really pleased with this collection, it is one of my favorites of the year, for sure. Fans of Marsella will find more to love here, and I'm sure this offering will bring some new fans to the fold.

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