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Savage Species by Jonathan Janz: A book review

A creature feature horror filled with violence and gore from a modern master of horror, Jonathan Janz. That is all I needed to pick this book, although to be fair, I pick up any book written by Jonathan Janz. I've only discovered the author within the last two years, but I've been slowly working my way through the back catalog.

This one, unless I'm mistaken, is one of the authors longer works, although from the pacing you would never know it. This book hits the ground running fairly early on and never gives you a chance to breathe. Janz credits Laymon as an influence for this particular one, and that is clear from reading it, although it also is very much a Jonathan Janz book. The author has one of the best grips on the English language that you're going to find in modern, straight up horror. What does that mean? It means that you're going to go from a character being infatuated with the female body, to blood and gore streaked scenes all done with beautifully written prose in between.

This is one of my favorite Jonathan Janz books I have read so far. It is not quite at the level of my two favorites, The Siren and the Specter, and The Dark Game but that is not a fault of the book or the author, those are two damn fine books that be at the top of any author's catalog. This one sits just beneath those, in my opinion.

If you have yet to read Savage Species I highly recommend you do so. The book can be purchased here

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