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Book Review: Snow Shark by Brian G. Berry

This book is exactly what it looks like, and exactly what the back cover describes it is. This is my first book by the author. I will definitely be back for more.

The authors note says his intent was to write a “trashy shark book” his take on the “trashy shark movie”, however, there is nothing trash about this. The author took care to give just enough info and explanation for the absurdity that a snow shark is, and he has fun with the idea. There is a whole aspect of it, that is revealed very early on, but I’m not going to say here. Just read it, it adds another layer to the book.

The action scenes in here are varied and brutal, Berry does a good job of making the kills feel different.

If you’re looking for an absurd, fun book about a killer shark, this one is a must read.

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