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Halloween Kills: The Official Movie Novelization Review

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

You know the saying, the book is always better than the movie. Most of the times that is true, so long as the movie is based on the book. But what about when the book is based on the movie? My experiences with movie novelizations have been that at BEST they are serviceable. Leave it to Tim Waggoner to fix a bad movie.

Yeah, I said it. Halloween Kills was a bad movie. Tim Waggoner took a script full of bad dialogue and huge gaping leaps of logic and made it work. He did this through effective scene construction and narrative. Things that made you scratch your head in the movie no longer do so here, because you know WHY the people do what they do. If you're comparing Halloween 2018 to the HK novelization, their are minor inconsistencies because of script changes to the first movie. This book makes sense as the sequel to the Halloween 2018 movie, there are parts of it that wouldn't work if it was the sequel to the Halloween 2018 novelization.

If you enjoyed the movie, give the book a read. If you hated the movie, the book might change your mind. It has been recently revealed that Waggoner will NOT be doing the novelization of Halloween ends, because the producers already had an author duo in mind, and I've got to say that that is a huge mistake. I don't care who they have in mind, Waggoner wrote a book that outdid the movie and deserves Halloween Ends for that alone.

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